This is the private website of Andreas Schösser. I'm a software developer and I maintain this page mainly to host some of my software projects I did a looong time ago but yet I want to keep them online for old times sakes.

Since I do professional software development all day now for a living I don't really have the time to develop utilities for myself any more. Additionally, there's so much software out on the internet, so when you need an application application, you can download it for free.

Thinking back, I somehow also really liked the days when not everything was available on the internet. That made software development fun. For example if you needed a little utility you had to program it yourself. It was also fun to write your own games. You used your programs yourself because you wrote them for yourself, which forced you to drive the software further and further until in the end a useful product emerged. That made it very exciting to program and developing projects in one's spare time was cool and kicked ass!

So, enough with the feelings! :) Having millions of applications at ones fingertips through the internet is not so bad at all! So maybe someone still enjoys some of the projects, if one manages to make them run :)

Have fun!
Andreas Schösser


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